Daily Archives: January 22, 2019

Hulk Flashlight (2008)

mike hulk 016 (2)

BAM!  I throw you some amazing pieces and then a curveball with belts and flashlights!  I keep you guessing as to what I will be showing you next!  Granted the Rage Cage Hulk pieces and the 3D Night Lights are way cooler – but these have there place in Hulk history too!  The boast on the package of this flashlight being both fun and easy to use… well, yeah.  Flashlights don’t take rocket science.  Of course how much fun it is is all relative.  It’s not impossible for people to have a blast with flashlights – but let’s leave that up to the user, shall we?  This is how bad reviews happen!  Someone will read that this thing is fun and then sit on their couch flicking it on and off and be bored out of their gourd!