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Little Metroids (2018)

nonhulk 005 (2)

Metroid was one of the best Nintendo games ever created.  The subsequent games are still pretty darn entertaining but the original, for me, can’t be undone!  It’s just too perfect.  Well, when they released Metroid figures I was able to find the large one at Toys R Us – I posted it back a while ago – and I thought I was happy with them.  Well, they also released a pack including a Samus figure and two smaller Metroids.  Some keen seller on eBay decided to take the Meroids and just sell those.  I could not help myself at that point – I instantly bought them!

nonhulk 006 (2)

Now I have a little Metroid family with the large one at the center and the four babies surrounding it.  The large one has a soft bubble around the brain and moveable horns (tusks?  Teeth?  What are those sharp things called?) while the little ones all have a hard plastic bubble and immoveable horns but they look just awesome.

nonhulk 007 (2)