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Jim Lee Joker Pop!

nonhulk 009 (2)

I love the Joker – the Batman villain is easily the most memorable bad guy that Batman has in his entire rogues gallery.  Jim Lee is one of the best artists that came out of the 90s comic boom.  Funko has combined the two to give us this unique Pop.  The figure is one of the special edition “Deluxe” Pops with the Joker set on a special base and giving us a more dynamic pose then the regular Pops offer.  In this instance we get the Joker on a bunch of trash giving us some finger guns.

nonhulk 011 (2)

This being a GameStop exclusive, you can get this pretty easily at any of those stores.  While Exclusive Pops are fun to collect usually they aren’t hard to get be it a GameStop or Target or Walmart Pop.  The other benefit you have when it’s an exclusive is that if one store doesn’t have it then there is usually another in driving distance to check.  The best stores will even call another location and check for you.  GameStop is usually the best at that.

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