Daily Archives: February 22, 2019

Dollar Bin Finds!

CCI02082019_0003 (2)

Let’s just take a moment to really enjoy the little things in this hobby.  A lot of amazing stories are easy to afford and even easier to find – if you have the time to scour the $1 bins!  This Marvel UK series – one that I had never even heard of until today – called Shadow Riders has a small appearance by none other than Rick Jones and a cameo by… wait for it – The Incredible Hulk!

CCI02082019_0004 (2)

Also found this fun Overstreet issue with a great Jim Valentino cover:

CCI02082019 (2)

If only I had a time machine.  A DeLorean time machine of course…

CCI02082019_0001 (2)

CCI02082019_0002 (2)