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Geoffrey Schleich Figure (2017)

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I miss Toys R Us.  I miss working at Toys R Us.  I was lucky enough to snag almost every Geoffrey memorabilia piece that they produced.  Schleich has always made quality products so it was nice to see this company put the toy store mascot to plastic.  What wasn’t so great was watching all of the people who came in and began buying these pieces in droves – hoping to profit off of the unfortunate circumstances that led to TRU closing down.  It truly felt like the vultures were swarming when they would ask “Do you have anything else with Geoffrey on it?”

Now I can look at this piece and reminisce about the good old days.  I miss my co-workers, my friends, many of whom I’ve kept in touch with.  And this little guy sits up proudly in my office so I can look up and think back to my time at Toys.

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