Daily Archives: March 15, 2019

Infinity War Hanging Promo (1992)


Every once in a while when my LCS gets in collections there are hidden treasures.  While searching through the many, many new action figures they bought I caught a flash of Thanos on the bottom of the box.  I asked to see it and he pulled out a tangled mess that is this hanging mobile promo piece.  He worked it a little bit and was able to get the thing completely free.  Truly, it was a thing of beauty!  He quoted me a price that I was more than hap with and was able to take it home with me that day.  Sometimes, these pieces excite me more than the actual comics do!

Prominently featuring the Hulk in the group of heroes fighting back against Magus and Thanos. You just have to love the Infinity Stones and the hovering heroes above!  With Ron Lim art you can’t go wrong either – the whole thing is just gorgeous!  Super excited to include this piece to my collection for sure!