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Market Watch! 3.19

hulk 12

If you’ve read the Immortal Hulk 15 then you already know that the Devil Hulk is mentioned.  In this crazy market a mere mention of a character sends the crazies out in search of their first appearance.  Well, check eBay and then your collections because The Incredible Hulk #12 and #13 have shot up in value due to people wanting to read – or just speculators trying to destroy the market again – about the first time the Devil Hulk was brought into the fold.

hulk 13

In Case You Missed It… Round 17

CCI02142019_0005 (2)

CCI02142019_0003 (2)

If you haven’t been paying attention the Hulk is paying am integral part in the Avengers: No Road Home storyline.

CCI02142019_0008 (2)

They are on issue #5 at the moment with a couple more Hulk covers – but issue #1 has this fantastic back and forth between Hulk and Hawkeye:

CCI02142019_0009 (2)

CCI02142019_0009 (3)

CCI02142019_0004 (2)

These are the covers for #5:

CCI03142019_0001 (2)

CCI03142019_0003 (2)

And of course the 2nd prints just keep on coming from the Immortal Hulk:

CCI03142019_0002 (2)