Market Watch! 3.19

hulk 12

If you’ve read the Immortal Hulk 15 then you already know that the Devil Hulk is mentioned.  In this crazy market a mere mention of a character sends the crazies out in search of their first appearance.  Well, check eBay and then your collections because The Incredible Hulk #12 and #13 have shot up in value due to people wanting to read – or just speculators trying to destroy the market again – about the first time the Devil Hulk was brought into the fold.

hulk 13

Published by ratchet

I am a man. I like the world I live in. I would like it better if pumpkins were available year-round though...

One thought on “Market Watch! 3.19

  1. HA! This is too funny. I bought issue #12 kinda by accident. I liked the issue for featuring multiple hulks…and the devil hulk was even featured in the hulk video game for PlayStation as it was written with this comic storyline in mind. Interesting to see how newer comics can kick up the value of an older comic almost overnight. Thanks for the update!

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