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Marvel Limited Future Imperfect Hardcover (1994)

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I am a huge fan of originals.  Monthly comics – the first print original press issues that hit the stands.  Love them.  But I may have a bigger problem that I should have addressed.  I also love the reprints – especially when they are in gorgeous hardcover glory like this Peter David opus.  This bound classic only houses two single issues but they are still, to this day, some of the most brilliantly written issues of all time.

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This book has a silk bookmark, some extra goodies in the final pages and even dyed green edges.  It’s truly separates this book from just regular collected trades when they give you such a beauty like this.  I have seen this trade being listed for up to $400 on eBay but luckily I had the opportunity to pick this up at a shop that was even offering a half off sale!

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