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In Case You Missed It… Round 19

CCI04032019 (2)

Yes, Avengers is till going on (with 2 issues to go) and the Immortal Hulk continues to go into further printings. It’s almost sounding like a broken record – but it’s the times we live in.

CCI04032019_0004 (2)

CCI04032019_0005 (2)

CCI04032019_0006 (2)

Also there was a variant cover for War of Realms with the Hulk on it even though there is no Hulk in the story:

CCI04032019_0003 (2)

Also, True Believers released the 4th issue of Infinity Gauntlet with some excellent Hulk moments inside, so check it out!

CCI04032019_0001 (2)


Hulk Hand Oven Mitts (2018)

christmas hulk 022 (2)

Another genuinely fantastic gift I received this past Christmas were these oven mitts!  One side have the back of Hulk hands and other side has rubberized SMASH! written on it.  I can’t picture any budding chef not wanting a pair of these – just wearing them makes me feel like I could kick the ass of any recipe put in front of me!  There is also an apron available – and it’s pretty great – but I did not get that.

christmas hulk 023 (2)