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Bane Lego Guy (2017)

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I love the larger Lego figures.  Ever since they created the larger piece for the Hulk in the Avengers movie sets they’ve created quite a few characters from it.  Bane is larger than Batman in the comics – maybe not this much bigger – but still, bigger.  The greatest aspects of this guy is the venom pack and green tubes that are injected into his arms.

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Also, the 70’s style vest with the “fur” collar is the absolute height of chic fashion. I mean, Bats has the right to kick his ass due to his fashion sense alone!  Never mind, the mask or the toxic sludge this dude is pumping inside of him, that vest is a crime all in it’s own.

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The mask is a classic but beyond that Bane has never had much of a “costume”.  It’s probably better that he doesn’t have a fancy get-up – I think it’s a little scarier that he only wears a mask and army pants and boots.  Anyways, onto the obvious “Breaking the Bat” pose!:

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