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Makes Total Sense


It can’t just be me, right?  Marvel’s lost all credibility when it comes to numbering their comics…

Hulkverines #3 (2019)

CCI05012019 (2)

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Pencils / Ink Ario Anindito
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.59 – $4.99

Variants: 1
  • Zaffino Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

“No pants are safe” Is this a way to call this mini-series a piece of crap?  That’s the most brilliant piece of writing in this while mini-series!

The whole Weapon H family including the Hulkverine crew (ugh, hopefully that won’t stick) are all coming up to the surface.  Immediately Wolverine and Hulk are kidnapped and made into Hulkverine hybrids.  How exactly?  Ummm… science?  Maybe I’d buy dosing Logan with gamma – but how exactly does Banner get claws?  This is what Pak has been reduced to…

CCI05012019_0001 (2)

They drop the two raging monsters on Shadow Base where the two monsters immediately start tearing it apart.  The Avengers are called to help take down to the crazed heroes.  That’s when Weapon H shows up to take care of business.  Clay fights Wolverine and Hulk to a stand still and then faces off against the Leader.  Clay ejects one of his claws (wait – what?  How?) and takes out the Leader’s control of the heroes.  This sends the two enraged heroes after the evil geniuses.  But Alba has a trick up her sleeve and collects the nanobots that transformed the heroes in the first place.

CCI05012019_0002 (2)

She then turns her attention to Clay and sends the bots inside of him – making him go mad.  But Clay is driven by love (or something stupid like that) and the bots can’t control him ever again.  This sends Leader and Alba running away.  So with Banner and Logan back to normal and Clay with his family everyone lives happily ever after – including Stearns and Alba who close out this series with some smooches.

CCI05012019_0003 (2)

I would like to say this series was a waste but that would be too kind.  It’s seriously terrible.



    • The Leader
    • Dr. Alba
Grade: Bag and Board It

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