The Immortal Hulk #17 (2019)

CCI05172019 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Pencils Joe Bennet
Artist: Ink Ruy Jose
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.99 – $87.00

Variants: 5
  • Battle Lines Variant Cover
  • Inhyuk Lee Spider-Man Variant
  • Red She Hulk Variant
  • Dell’Otto Variant
  • Inhyuk Lee Wolverine Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

The mad variants continue.  Sometimes variant hunting can be fun but this series is getting out of control.  You have to rely on eBay just to get all the covers and what’s fun about clicking a mouse to go comic hunting!  At least the story is entertaining as hell!

This issue opens where we last left off.  Bruce Banner being hunted by Burbank but Bruce isn’t Bruce at all.  With the UV rays turning the Hulk’s body back to Banner’s skinny white boy duds Burbank thinks he has an easy kill on his hands.  Too bad Banner is still hidden away in the body’s mind and it’s Fixit who Burbank is dealing with!

CCI05172019_0001 (2)

Shadow base is watching the entire confrontation unfold.  Fixit notices that there are gamma irradiated animals all around him – maybe left overs from the Aaron run – and he immediately smashes through the glass holding the gamma ants.  He tosses them at Burbank and then tries to punch him out.  Of course, soft human tissue has no chance against cyborg innards!  For some reason Burbank kept his naughty beans and Fixit takes advatage of his sensitive parts!

Dr. McGowan back at Shadow base is reading up on who Fixit is.  The soldiers realize they are against a formidable foe and ask Burbank to take care of the situation as soon as possible.  Meanwhile Joe has smashed his way through a gamma fish fishtank into a hidden office.  He finds the passcode to the computer system as Shadow Base turns up the UV thinking they are hurting Banner more.  The reality of the situation is much worse… for them.

CCI05172019_0002 (2)

Burbank catches up to Banner and fills him full of holes.  They tell Burbank to cut him into pieces but Banner suddenly comes to and slaps the taste out Burbank’s mouth!  He then explains that the UV emitters when turned up eventually emit Gamma.  Banner Hulks out in one of the most grotesque transformations ever and takes Burbank (and the mountain they were in) out.


Shadow Base is underterred as they ask McGowan if Subject B is ready.  She takes General Fortean to a tank holding their new specimen that they used Rick Jones body to create.  A new Abomination!

CCI05172019_0004 (2)


  • Burbank (Sniper)
  • General Fortean
  • Abomination (Cameo)
Grade: Bag and Board It

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