Daily Archives: May 23, 2019

New Card Art!


This is another Hulk piece I decided not to add to my collection but thought you guys would like to see it.  See, the car IS in my collection – it has been released on a few different cards including an Iron Man/Hulk 2-pack.  So, even though there is some new card art I didn’t feel the need to buy this car once again.  Still, far be it for me to deny letting you Hulk fanatics out there know about it!


Odd Inflatable Hulk Doll (2016)


I never saw this when TRU was closing even though we received quite a few of the other figures.  I was considering getting one then but never found it so I never did.  A few months ago I walked into a FYE and noticed the Hulk in the clearance bin.  I was psyched in one way but then also laughed a bit as, even though it was extremely marked down, I realized I didn’t really want it.

Sure , it’s the Hulk – but this inflatable, big-headed Hulk would just sit in the box.  Ultimately, I decided to leave it in the store but snapped a few picks to show it off to you guys!