In Case You Missed It… Round 20

CCI05292019_0009 (2)

Wow.. this week was a doozy for us completists…buckle up kids because this week had a litany of Hulk releases!  While it’s amazing that the Immortal Hulk is in such demand but the continuous printings are becoming a bit much.

CCI05292019_0008 (2)

We begin with the FIFTH printings of both issues #1 and #2.  Not to mention that #2 has a virgin variant of the original cover that’s being sold for a premium:

CCI05292019_0011 (2)

We then move on to the FOURTH printings of issues #3 and #6:

CCI05292019_0007 (2)

CCI05292019_0006 (2)

But we’re not done yet!  There are even more new printings – this time THRID printings of issues #7, #13, #14, #15 AND #16!

CCI05292019_0005 (2)

CCI05292019_0004 (2)

CCI05292019_0003 (2)

CCI05292019_0002 (2)

CCI05292019_0001 (2)

CCI05292019 (2)

But hold on to your hats because the Facsimile Edition of Incredible Hulk #181 gets a second printing this week as well!  The only way you can tell is the inside cover that tells you the date it was printed.  It does not say SECOND PRINTING anywhere it just says this:

CCI05292019 (3)

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