The Immortal Hulk #18 (2019)

CCI05292019 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Pencils Joe Bennet
Artist: Ink Ruy Jose
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.50 – $79.90

Variants: 5
  • Battle Lines (Hulkbuster) Variant Cover
  • Red Harpy Variant
  • Red Harpy Virgin Variant
  • Inhyuk Lee Iron Man Variant
  • Inhyuk Lee Iron Man Virgin Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

CCI05292019_0001 (2)

Joe continues to be in the driver’s seat.  Bruce comes to a week later in a limo with no idea what the Grey Hulk has been up to.  Samson also wakes and crawls out of the crater left by Fixit’s actions with Alpha Flight on the trail of the Hulk.  Apparently no one told the good Doctor that snitches get stitches because he sends the Canadian super-team off in the direction of his old patient.  Meanwhile, Jackie McGee has made a new friend in the Red Harpy.  Oh – did I mention Bruce is also being trailed by a huge gamma-mass of gross called the Abomination?  This isn’t your Dad’s Abomination either, kiddos!

CCI05292019_0002 (2)

Arriving at Fixit’s Motel Bruce tries to make sense of the mess that is currently his life.  As Bruce enters, the Abomination appears and kills the limo driver with his face-hand!  Bruce tries to organize his thoughts trying to locate the rest of the Hulks while Samson keeps spilling the beans to Alpha-Flight about the Devil Hulk’s plan to kill the eradictate the human world.  The crazy Canucks get in a tizzy thinking the Hulk is out to destroy all humans… all because that’s exactly what he said he wanted to do!  Titania begins talking sense stating that it isn’t just the Hulk people should worry about but the “good” guys trying to stop him.

CCI05292019_0003 (2)

Abomination is doing his best to keep overhead low at Banner’s Motel.  Hulk has a problem with his technique of laying people off and decides to intervene.  While the two Gamma monsters trade blows Hulk tries to figure out who his opponent really is.  When Abomination opens his face-hand he sees two Rick Jones faces staring back at him!

CCI05292019_0004 (2)

Wow, what an issue!  Wow, what a series thus far!  Rick Jones, man, that guy either has it made in the shade of his luck REALLY runs out!  I can’t say I envy his power right now as he seems to be a pretty mindless killing machine!

  • Abomination
  • Shadow Base
Grade: Bag and Board It

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