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Happy Father’s Day to Me!


I might be one of the luckiest guys ever!  My 9 year old made me my very own Hulk card for Father’s Day!  Looks like his purple pants might be ripping off too!

So Helpful


I still don’t think I say Trimpe right…

So Much Yes!!!!


The retro wave is finally releasing a Hulk figure!  The good news?  It looks amazing!  The bad news?  It’s an SDCC exclusive – which means secondary scalper prices for me… but it will be mine!


Ever Hit a Man so Hard He Yelped?


Holy moley – not only does he bitch slap Captain Marvel so hard he “Kwoms” him – but then Captain Marvel lets out a resounding YELP!  Don’t mess with a man and his love!

Marvel Fanfare #29 Mini-Canvas (2012)

mike hulk 021 (2)

John Byrne should come back to Marvel to tell more tales!  Let’s put any silly disagreements aside and make some more art!  We need him back in comics!  He obviously has the chops still as we’ve all seen some of his recent commissions.  I also believe that he still has stories to tell!  1999 Hulk reboot aside I think his style would certainly fit into today’s narrative.  This mini-canvas is great with the weathered look and classic art.  Wall space is more the issues these days!

General Ross: A Year’s Worth of Hulk 1st Appearances – Week 24

This year we will be delving deep into Hulk history to re-discover all the first appearances that the Hulk issues have given us over the years!  With 1st appearances being such a hot trend these days it only makes sense to highlight some of the best Hulk issues to invest in this year!  This week: Hulk’s first true enemy – General Ross!

First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #1 (1963)





Review Friday: The Incredible Hulk: Last Call #1 (2019)

CCI06062019 (2)

Writer: Peter David
Artist: Pencils Dale Keown
Artist: Ink
  • Mark Farmer
  • Mark Deering
  • Walden Wong
  • Scott Hanna
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$2.49 – $99.00

Variants: 2
  • 1:50 Yoon Variant
  • Kubert Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I will defend the Peter David’s 12 year+ run on the Hulk title till my last breath.  He is a genius who helped the Hulk break new creative groud for a little more than a decade.  He even helped clean up the mess that was the Bruce Jones run years later.  That said, this isn’t the best showing of that man’s talents.  While on the subject, Dale Keown was a superstar artist who made the Hulk a top seller in the early 90’s with his amazing illustrations!  Since then Keown has continued his impressive talents, mainly on covers, but he’ll occasionally pencil a full Marvel mag.  That said, this is also not one of Keown’s most memorable standings.  When David and Keown last met they collaborated to bring us Hulk: The End and did not disappoint at all!  This time around Keown’s stagnant pencils don’t inspire the same kind of awe they once did.

CCI06062019_0001 (2)

This issue opens with a retread of the ole’ Betty/Veronica joke that last made it to us thanks to Robert Downey Jr’s inclusion of the aptly named satelite holding the Hulkbuster armor in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Veronica works at the Suicide Prevention Hotline during the holidays when Bruce calls in to chat.  He talks about the most recent attempts that he has made to end his curse.  Now, his new plan is to have a sniper take him out the moment Bruce gives him the sign.

We get a quick origin of Bruce and Betty’s humble beginnings.  From the moment they first met to the declaration of the two being united in marriage.  More time passes with the Bruce and Betty disecting the relationship between the man and the monster.  Bruce even recounts the time he had a run in with Betty’s gamma transformed other side (no, not THAT one!) This one:

CCI06062019_0002 (2)

The battle between the two green monsters might be the highlight of the entire issue as they trade blows and barbs.  Bruce recounts everything to Veronica until they are interrupted by Veronica’s boyfriend – the villainous Mr. Hyde!  The Hulk comes to the lady’s rescue and takes the battle to the streets!  Early on, Hyde takes control of the fight, throwing the Hulk like a sack of potatoes!

CCI06062019_0003 (2)

The fatal flaw is the mention of Betty’s passing.  The moment Hyde mentions Betty’s name (this was around the time before she was resurrected by the Leader and MODOK) The Hulk lets his fists do the taking and batters the bad guy into the ground!  Hyde finally stops the assault with a quick condolence.  Bruce finds the will to live – again – when Veronica thanks him for saving her life.  He gives the sign to call off the hit and we see Deadpool, rooftop, feeling relieved to not have to go through with killing Bruce.  His “heart” just wasn’t into it.

CCI06062019_0004 (2)

What did you guys think of the issue? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Harpy
  • Mr. Hyde
Grade: Bag and Board It

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