In Case You Missed It… Round 22

CCI08012019_0001 (2)

There has been quit a few different issues on the racks – some apparent that feature the Hulk – others that are a bit more incognito!  Let’s begin with the more obvious.  IDW released a Hulk Classics reprint (above).

CCI08012019 (2)

Another reprint comes straight from Marvel containing 3 different issues:

CCI08012019_0003 (2)

CCI07102019_0003 (2)

There’s also a recent issue of Doctor Strange that the Hulk makes a couple of quick appearances – one, a defeated Hulk in the wake of a powerful Dormammu:

CCI07102019_0004 (2)

And another where the Hulk is part of a resistance fighting back:

CCI07102019_0005 (2)

And just this week we are given an amazing villains variant to Venom: Acts of Evil Annual #1 featuring some of the most notable Hulk villains:

CCI08012019_0002 (2)

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