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Friday Review! Fantastic Four #12 (2019)

CCI08112019 (2)

Writer: Dann Slott
Artist: Pencils Sean Izaakse
Artist: Ink Sean Izaakse
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:



Variants: 1
  • Carnagized Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Of course with the restart of the Fantastic Four it was only a matter of time before the Thing and the Hulk tussled again.  The Thing has never seen a Hulk like this before so the readers know they are in for a hell of a fight!  With everything going on the world of the Hulk right now I will say I was surprised to see the Hulk even bothering to meet up with the rock monster for the latest fist to cuffs.

CCI08112019_0001 (2)

The issue has the Thing heading on his honey moon with an injected chemical promising to turn the Thing into his former fleshy self.  Once to the vacation point something that has been traveling through the ocean to seek out Grimm.  That thing turns out to be the Immortal Hulk!

The Hulk, being controlled by the Puppet Master, is itching to fight the Thing.  What follows is a classic slamming punch-fest between the two frenemies.  Things are at high tension because the Thing is due to change and due to the ruckus an avalanche was triggered and it has left Alicia, the Thing’s wife, buried under rubble.

CCI08112019_0002 (2)

This was a quick read that I really wished touched on more of the ongoing series between the two titles but it was still good to see the Thing battling ole’ green jeans himself!  I look forward to the next issue where we see the fight come to a conclusion!

CCI08112019_0003 (2)

  • Puppet Master
Grade: Bag and Board It

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