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Avengers: Endgame McDonalds Hulk Figures (2019)

hulk time! 008 (2)

Right away I was able to snag the light up Hulk – I thought my job was done but learned pretty quickly that there were actually TWO different Hulk figures!  Imagine my disappointment when I realized I had to head BACK to McDonalds to get another figure!  I’m not a fan of that eating establishment as it is but to have to travel there twice in once day?  Ugh!

hulk time! 014 (2)

Even worse, they not only did not have the “smashing Hulk” this particular McDonalds didn’t even know it existed!  I had to visit to a separate location – with my son, who I introduced to McDonald’s food (BIG mistake!) – but thankfully had the shirtless variant Hulk.  Of course, now my son asks to go McDonalds almost every day.  I have created a monster!

I didn’t open up the Hulk figures – they went right into storage – but honestly, I have enjoyed the earlier Hulk offerings from McDonald’s better.  The light up feature Hulk is added at the expense of any kind of articulation.  Overall, while decent enough, they really aren’t all that impressive.

hulk time! 011 (2)