In Case You Missed It… Round 24

CCI08282019_0004 (2)

The event comics have been a little Hulk heavy lately so just in case you missed the Absolute Carnage #1 Connecting Variant highlighting the Hulk (above) well, you should get it!

CCI08282019_0006 (2)

Also, with the insipidly numbered Marvel #1000 there were quite a few Hulk themed covers as well as some fun and distinctive Hulk stories inside!  The ones that stick out are the Alex Ross story, the Peter David Rick Jones splash page and the fun Roy Thomas Wolverine story.  Each page is a single story and really unique!  What I thought would be a disaster was actually really fun and worth the $10 price tag!

Let’s not forget that they are also releasing the Immortal Hulk Director’s Cut issues and that #2 hit the stands!

CCI08282019_0002 (3)

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