In Case You Missed It… Part 25

Weeks ago the infamous “Immortal” covers were released on the public.  Above is Immortal Hulk #23 Covers which is one of the better ones, I give it a B-, some of the covers weren’t as great.  I didn’t bother picking up the Thing, Invisible Woman or Reed Richards cover – but the Human Torch cover was too good to leave on the shelf:

Easily an A grade cover.  Also the Punisher cover wasn’t too bad either.  The cover gets a solid B+:

The only cover I did pick up that wasn’t all that great was the Savage Avengers #5:

A C grade level finished product.  Don’t forget though – True Believers are having a Hulk-centric month!  Pick up Intelligent Hulk:

CCI09042019_0004 (2)

AND the Head of Banner!

CCI09042019_0007 (2)

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