In Case You Missed It #27

CCI09182019 (2)

I have had to do this little series more and more! The Hulk is certainly a popular guy and has been littered all over the New Release Rack these past weeks!  Above is the Young Guns cover to Absolute Carnage #3.  That is the Hulk covered in the Venom Symbiote!  Here are the final shots of A.C. #3 where Venom-Hulk is first seen!

CCI09182019_0001 (2)

CCI09182019_0002 (2)

Also, the True Believers are continuing on this month with first appearances of Joe Fixit, Professor Hulk AND Immortal Hulk:

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Finally, there was a 2nd print of Fantastic Four #13 with a cover depicting the knockout punch the Thing threw!

CCI09182019_0005 (2)

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