Dollar Bin Finds VI

CCI08312019 (2)

I usually don’t find any new Hulk appearances – it’s really hard for me to locate something that I don’t already own.  I was able to get a few books this time around!  Above is Thunderstrike #16 where She Hulk gets a re-match with Titania!

CCI08312019_0001 (2)

I also found an older Free Comic Book Day book that stars the heavy hitters of Marvel!

CCI08312019_0002 (2)

The Hulk even has a moment where he abandons his usual rhetoric and slams hi foes by calling them idiots!

CCI08312019_0003 (2)

Laslty, I found the Untold Tales of Spider-Man ’97 Annual that boasted this claim on the cover:

CCI08312019_0003 (3)

So I checked the issue and sure enough:

CCI08312019_0004 (2)

One panel featuring the Hulk jumping through the desert landscape!  Love it!

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