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In Case You Missed It… Part 30

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The Director’s Cut of the Immortal Hulk issues continue to roll out as issue #6 hit the stands!  Also a pretty great Facsimile Edition of the Incredible Hulk #1 came out.  Marvel is doing an amazing job with these releases as everything, including the ads, are reproduced.

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I love this because I once owned a Hulk #1 and I remember vividly the back cover ad and the old man who stared at you as he was weaving an absolute masterpiece!

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Friday Review: Absolute Carnage: The Immortal Hulk #1 (2019)

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Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Pencils and Ink Filipe Andrade
Artist: Colors Chris O’Halloran
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.59 – $149.99

Variants: 4
  • 1:25 Codex Variant
  • 1:50 InHyuk Lee Variant
  • NYCC Variant
  • NYCC Virgin Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

While I am enjoying the Absolute Carnage event the issue I have – which happens with most event comics – the tie-in comics really don’t do much or add any real content to the base storyline.  This issue deals with a lot of behind the scenes of events that have occurred in the regular Immortal Hulk series.  We get a deeper look at Bruce Banner in the hotel room with Betty and the groaning Rick Jones corpse.  His moment he hears about Ross’ stolen body from the grave and a quick mention of the conversation he had with McGee out of the balcony.  Mostly Bruce talks to us from inside of his head space where the Green Hulk, Joe Fixit and the Devil Hulk all wander around grumbling about the situation they find themselves in.

CCI10122019_0009 (2)

After telling Betty about her father missing the two set off to find the missing corpse.  True to Betty’s word, she brings the Hulk to Ross’ body located inside of a mass grave.


Banner finds Spider-Man and Spidey brings him up to speed with what they’ve been dealing with concerning Venom and Carnage.  Hearing about Knull – who Spidey calls a “Cosmic Satan”, and that rings a bell about the “One Below All” for Bruce – and the super smarty pants decides to help.

When finally confronted by Carnage – as seen in Absolute Carnage #3 – drastic steps must be taken!  Meanwhile, inside Bruce’s head, Bruce convinces the many personalities running around his head to let in this new entity in – and that new personality?  Venom!  Welcome Venom Hulk!

CCI10122019_0011 (2)

  • Carnage
Grade: Bag and Board It

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