Avengers: Endgame Hulk Mystery Mini Hulk Figure (2019)

hulk time! 029 (2)

I wasn’t going to bother picking up the Hulk mystery mini for the Endgame set but I was in Target with some time to waste and came across a box with 4 figures left.  I took a chance and grabbed two of the boxes – shaken and weighed with the utmost precision for complete accuracy – and bought them.  I opened the first one on the way to the car and saw the green skin!

hulk time! 028 (2)

I was psyched that the chance I took paid off!  I went in the car and opened the other box – this was a bonus no matter what as I figured I already had the Hulk – but as a surprise it was ANOTHER Hulk!  So two Hulks for the price of… well, two.  But, still – two Hulks!

hulk time! 030 (2)

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