Marvel 80th Anniversary Retro Hulk (2019)

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The Hulk-world was suddenly set a blaze a few months ago when I was announced that Hasbro would finally release a Retro 80th Anniversary Hulk.  I know I was definitely one of the people beyond  excited! This line has been one of my favorites since the beginning with their bright and colorful cards and (even though quite a few were re-releases) perfectly sculpted figures!  When the Hulk was announced it was even said to be oversized – much like the Wolverine from this series was shorter than the regular figures to be consistent!

IMG_1800 (2)

Then it was finally released – and immediately sold out.  It was one of the hottest tickets of SDCC.  They were immediately posted on eBay for double the price.  All this for a figure with the same body sculpt as the 80th Anniversary 2-pack but with a new head!  I was still there for it though – I thought being patient was the way to go.

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Turns out, Hasbro announced that they would release some on Hasbro Pulse sometime at the end of August.  Sure enough I was going to be one of the lucky ones who was able to snag it off the Hasbro site!  So, yeah… that didn’t happen.  The figure was gone in mere seconds.  Well, eBay here I come!

IMG_1806 (2)

I am not one to pay secondary prices but figured this was really going to be the only chance I was going to have to secure one.  Only problem?  With the figure selling out in seconds the price also jumped on eBay.  Now we were looking at $90 rather than a measly $70.

IMG_1807 (2)

I still pulled the trigger figuring if I waited again I could see another price hike!  I didn’t want that so I went for it.  Not willing to spend another $90 I only have the one so I don’t have any out the box shots.  I was able to find few online so you could get a closer look at it:



But this guy is a huge mutha!  Here’s a comparison shot with the already enormous BAF Cull Obsidian:

IMG_1808 (2)

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