Friday Review! The Immortal Hulk #27 (2019)

CCI12032019_0008 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Penciler Joe Bennet
Artist: Inker
  • Ruy Jose
  • Belardino Brabo
  • Marc Deering
  • Sean Parsons
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$2.77 – $6.99

Variants: 1 Hulk 2099 Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

So, it seems the shine is wearing off this series.  While it is still very popular it’s no longer a buzz book with speculators buying up a bunch of copies.  The book was selling close to 90K units at it’s highest and has leveled to a healthy 53K.  I’m hoping the current readers stick with the title as it truly is fantastic!  But honestly, I’m glad the insane amount of exclusive variants are over. It was just too much!

CCI12032019_0009 (2)

Kudos to those that continue to read this fantastic series!  In the last issue we saw that the head of Roxxon, The Minotaur, had some shady dealings going on.  After taking down the Shadow Base, the Hulk isn’t letting any shadowy organization continue!  With Roxxon believing that they are untouchable, the Minotaur suggests that no matter what happens as long as they can sell the public the narrative that they will remain the powerhouse they have been.

CCI12032019_0010 (2)

Of course the Hulk has his own plan and attacks a data center – but not just any data center – THE data center!  The center that houses Roxxon’s entire social media and essential the soul of the company.  Having a few transforming soldiers to contend with hardly holds the Hulk up as he makes quick work of them.

Even more shocking?  The Devil Hulk has a way of working together with the other personalities to stay out in the daylight!  The Immortal Hulk is TRULY unstoppable now!  Who will be able to stop his ultimate plan of destroying the world?

CCI12032019_0011 (2)

  • Minotaur
  • Roxxon
Grade: Bag and Board It

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