Friday Review! Avengers * Defenders Tarot #1 (2020)

CCI01012020_0001 (2)

Writer: Alan Davis
Artist: Pencil/Inks Paul Renaud
Artist: Colors Paul Mounts
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.85 – $12.99

Variants: 2
  • Alan Davis Variant
  • Diablo Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Who doesn’t love a good Defenders story?  Especially from Alan Davis who gave us the excellent, underrated and short-lived Savage Hulk series.  This time around he hands the art over to Paul Renaud who gives us some really exciting scenes and makes this gorgeous comic that much more enjoyable.

Back in the 40’s, with Namor, Cap and the original Human Torch forming the Invaders, lending a hand in fighting back the Nazis in WWII the trio of superheroes are faced with some mystical magic.  A man named Okkults uses his magics to  bring the stone statues to life and fight our heroes.  In this moment when the statues overwhelm the trio suddenly Captain America Hulks out. Seriously – he Hulk’s out, green skin and anger issues and all!

CCI01012020_0002 (2)

After taking out the horde of stone people Steve reverts back to human form with no memory of what happened.  We join the Defenders some time later with Namor spacing out thinking back to that moment in time all while they are about to take out another bad guy who has amassed an army of people possessed by evil magics.  Namor recognizes the runes that have formed on the people in said army as the same runes on the statues from years before.

The current situation isn’t as dire as it seemed as Strange was actually feigning weakness in order to trick Cyrus Black in gathering his troops so that Strange can take the evil magic, Ichor, back and cure the followers.  All goes well except that Strange can’t banish the magic from the Earth since there is another source of the same magic elsewhere on the planet.  Where exactly?  That would be the Avengers Mansion!

CCI01012020_0004 (2)

The Marvel Non-Team transport to the mansion but arrive at an obviously bad time as they witness Vision kicking Iron Man’s ass.  Cap let’s the quintet know that Vision has had a malfunction of sorts and they have to bring him down.  The only one with the ability to take on Vision is Scarlet Witch who does so and knocks the android out.

At this point the Avengers split the Defenders up having the Hulk and Valkyrie help fix the damage done to the mansion, the Surfer help take the Vision down to the medic bay and Strange and Wanda heading down to the containment area to locate the rest of the Ichor magic.

Namor takes Cap aside to ask about the memories he had in the beginning of the issue but Cap doesn’t have a clue what Namor is talking about.  He gives access of the files to aquatic king to research as much as he’d like.  Stark has Norrin Rad helping him try to figure out what happened to the Vision while Thor is conning the Hulk into doing the heavy lifting – but all is a ruse!  As Strange enters the containment area he’s confronted by Diablo who has collected the Ichor and are in control of the entire Avengers team!  The only member who he wasn’t able to control was the Vision which is why they were all trying to kick his ass!  Diablo then uses the rest of the Avengers to take out the certain members of the Non-Team and uses the Ichor to take control of Strange as well!

CCI01012020_0005 (2)

The end of issue #1 is quite exciting with quite the cliffhanger ending!  I think we’re in for quite the ride!  I question whether or not it would have been just as good to know what was happening at the Mansion before the Defenders show up, knowing the entire team was heading into a trap, and rooting for the team to figure it out before crap hit the fan!  Overall, this is an excellent start to a new Defenders adventure!


  • Diablo
  • Avengers (sort of)
Grade: Bag and Board It

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