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Venomized Hulk MiniMates (2018)

IMG_1817 (2)

A few years ago a variant from the third volume of Incredible Hulk #4.  This variant was the fist time we saw a venomized Hulk!  This variant is now insanely expensive but the character itself never really appeared in the Marvel Universe… that is until Absolute Carnage.  The event finally gave us a Hulk bonded with the symbiote although the moment was short lived and a bit dull.  That being said, MiniMates still produced the venomized character.  It is pretty awesome and looks real good.  Every time they give us a Venomized Hulk they have it with the symbiote still wrapping around the huge hero but the addition of the purple, lashing tongue, as odd as that is, is a nice touch!

IMG_1818 (2)