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Beautiful Customs!


It looks as though this brilliant customizer has taken the recent Kingpin body and made the Grey Hulk from Wolverine #7/8.  Not sure which body they took for Wolvie… sorry, Patch, but the head is a perfect classic Wolverine to make this impressive figure!


Can’t get much better than this!


Amazingly – I’m Rooting for the Duck


I will ever remain Hulk loyal – but in this case I’m on Darkwing Duck’s side.

“Let’s get dangerous”

More Toys that Didn’t Make it into the Collection!


I decided to leave the very cool but over priced Grandmaster and Korg set on the shelf.  I mean, Korg is fantastic – but not for the $45 asking price!  Even when it went to clearance I thought $30 was too much and decided I may go ahead and just eBay this sucker for less.  Eventually.


The other Hulk figure that didn’t come home was the large Avengers: Endgame Hulk with Gauntlet.  I just wasn’t impressed by ANYTHING to do with this Hulk.  As much as it pains me to leave Hulk merch on the shelf sometimes even I have a line I won’t cross!


The Defenders: A Year of Hulk Nicknames – Week 1

With a simple mind like the Hulk has it’s easy to understand why he would just call people what he thinks they look like – this year let’s highlight some of the best Hulk nicknames!

Hulk’s names for the different heroes is as follows:

  • Magician is Strange
  • Sword Girl is Valkyrie
  • Bird Nose (my favorite) is Nighthawk
  • Star Girl is Red Guardian.

I like the Hulk’s fake names better


In Case You Missed It 31

CCI12172019_0006 (2)

Holy moly it’s been a little while since I’ve made one of these.  The Hulk had a bit of a cameo in Absolute Carnage – it turned out inconsequential but it was still a pretty fun moment.  Well, in Venom #20 they do have a call back to that:

CCI12172019_0007 (2)

A few weeks ago a book called Crazy graced the racks with a couple of covers but this one has the obvious Hulk hand breaking through the door!

CCI10282019 (2)

There’s always that One Guy…


I mean, I think the guy behind him is over-reacting – but I still understand his pain.

Happy New Year! 2020!

mash hulk

I hope you start your 2020 surrounded by friends!  I hope the year brings up nothing but greatness!  And pointy spears.  Greatness and spears all the way!