Marvel Legends Iron Man LXXXV Infinity Gauntlet (2019)

IMG_1836 (2)

True enough, the Avengers: Endgame series II Marvel Legends BAF Hulk is very ugly.  I can’t tell you just how terribly the BAF was received due to the odd expressions they gave to the Hulk.  Another odd piece?  The Hulk is not dressed as the Hulk from the movie is.

This is due to the fact that Hasbro never gets the full story from the MCU.  Toy companies are only allowed only so much information to cut down on spoilers being leaked.

IMG_1838 (3)

Well, Hasbro had no idea what was in store for the Hulk including our Jade Giant wielding the Infinity Gauntlet!  To fix the blunder they decided to release a Hulk sized Gauntlet with the Iron Man LXXXV figure.

I was on the fence about getting the stone wielding glove for the BAF that I already wasn’t crazy about.  My decision was made for me though when I was given 4 of the Hulk pieces and had the head from the Beta Ray Bill figure.  It meant all I had to do was buy two pieces and then the figure with the gauntlet.  I have to tell you – I am so glad I did!  It’s so worth the extra work in collecting the pieces and getting the glove.

Grade: B

IMG_1838 (4)

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