In Case You Missed It 33

CCI02012020_0004 (2)

Quite a few new issues to look out for… and I have a few more that I am saving for the next volume as this one was trending to be pretty long.  So, above is a facsimile edition of Incredible Hulk #180.  The last facsimile edition was for #181 and it went into a 2nd print.  I don’t see that happening for this issue but it’s still pretty great to have another exact copy of this classic!

Immortal Hulk has continued to get 2nd prints. Issues #26 and #27 have colorless covers that still looks pretty amazing.  Incoming #1 had a great moment between Bruce Banner and the good Doctor:

The Scene:

CCI01082020 (2)

Last but not least the Avengers spotlight issues are rolling along with Thor this last time.  A classic Hulk vs Thor moment happens which is always one of my favorite hero battles!


CCI01082020_0003 (2)

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