Friday Review: Avengers * Defenders: Tarot #2 (2020)

CCI02022020 (3)

Writer: Alan Davis
Artist: Pencil/Inks Paul Renaud
Artist: Colors Paul Mounts
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.85 – $12.99

Variants: 2
  • Alan Davis Variant
  • Diablo Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This mini-series last left off on a huge cliffhanger where Diablo has mind control over the Avengers.  He has each of the powerful heroes taking on a different Defender who came seeking a magical element called ichor.  Of course, and as usual, Diablo has seriously underminded the will of the most powerful heroes.  Thor, for example, has resisited the command to take Valkyrie which sends flamboyantly dressed Diablo into an absolute tizzy!  He quickly draws a few more cards to control the rest of the heroes that weren’t already in his control.

CCI02022020_0001 (3)

Now having complete control over pretty much every hero in the Avengers Mansion, the cocky Diablo sends the Surfer for a coffee run.  This catches the attention and alerts the nearby heroes like Spidey and Daredevil and even the FF.  Meanwhile, since Diablo has tried to calm all of his mind controlled heroes down he doesn’t realize this helps the Hulk revert back to Bruce Banner – who Diablo doesn’t control!  Banner comes across Vision who needs a bit of help to become functional again.

CCI02022020_0002 (3)

When Surfer does return Diablo is too paranoid to drink his coffee and demands that Hulk smash the Surfer in the face.  This is the moment when Diablo realizes his oversight.  Too late though as Kang arrives to crash the party!  With all of the Avengers and Defenders programmed to attack Kang pleads with them to stop so that they can kill Diablo!  The group of heroes are successful in fighting back Kang only to have Yellowjacket show up to throw a wrench in the plans.  Diablo also notices that the watcher has been observing him.  All of this may be too much and that was before Ant-Man showed up as well!  Too bad the jester dressed fool figures out that the new heroes are actually Vision and Banner in disguise.

CCI02022020_0003 (3)

In a last ditch attempt to regain control of the situation Diablo summons the Hulk but is too scared of the monster to actually use him!  Then he tries for a hasty get-away only to have the Ichor snatched back as he slipped into another realm.  Strange tries to stop him but when a demon tries to use the portal as an entrance to Earth Strange closes it – with him inside!  The other heroes remark how all the damage and battle scars have been erased and wonder if the events happened at all.  All they know is one thing for sure – the only person who can make heads of tails out of this mess is now in another dimension… and we see he also has the Surfer’s board!

This has been a really fun story thus far with great action and I’m not really sure I see where it’s heading!  I would suggest this to everyone who enjoys some good old fashion storytelling.  As long as nothing happens that is too far off the reservation then I think this story will be a real winner!  Just as long as they don’t do anything too goofy or sill….

CCI02022020_0004 (2)

*le sigh* oh boy… let’s hope for the best…

  • Diablo
Grade: Bag and Board It

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