Marvel 80th Anniversary First Appearance Wolverine Funko Pop (2019)

IMG_1813 (2)

With the comic market being as volatile as it is, and people buying new and classic comics for a premium price, there aren’t very many books that you can guarantee will continue to hold its value.  Throughout the years though, there is one issue that continues to rise in price and stayed desirable with collectors: That would be Incredible Hulk #181.

IMG_1815 (2)

IMG_1816 (2)

The first appearance of one of Marvel’s most popular characters will always be sought after by collectors.  That being said, you are going to have to pay an extreme price with most midgrade copies going for over a grand!

Don’t have a grand to spend?  Seek out this little guy posed perfectly in his original “Hello Kitty” mask.  As soon as I saw this Pop I knew I had to have it!

Grade: A

IMG_1814 (2)

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