In Case You Missed It 34

CCI02062020_0011 (2)

There have been quite  few Hulk moments either on covers or in issues that you might’ve missed – this is why I do these catch up posts – so Hulk lovers like you reading these posts don’t let these issues sit on the shelves!  Above is the cover to Hawkeye: Freefall #1.  While the Hulk does not appear in the issue – check out Hawkeye’s girl’s shirt:

CCI02062020_0010 (2)

I don’t really count that as a Hulk appearance but it’s cool nonetheless.  Now the recent issues of the Avengers has a couple of variants featuring the Hulk:

I also bought an interesting cover, an homage to the King Size Special #1, but with Edgar Allan Poe in the Hulk position:

CCI02062020_0004 (2)

Sure enough, that is not it!  Captain Marvel #14 had a cover with a Hulk appearance yet… the Hulk was no where to be seen in the actual issue!  Still, a new cover to seek out:

CCI02062020_0005 (2)

Now, I was going to review this next issue but the Wolverine/Hulk story was so bad I didn’t feel like reliving it.  Marvel Voices #1 has an absolute disaster of a story with none of the characters acting as they should.

CCI03012020_0008 (2)

Here’s just a few pics from inside:

Hope that’s enough to keep you guys busy for a while!  Let me know if you picked up any of these issues – or all of them!

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