Friday Review! Avengers*Defenders Tarot #3 (2020)

CCI03032020 (2)

Writer: Alan Davis
Artist: Pencil/Inks Paul Renaud
Artist: Colors Stephane Paitream
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.85 – $12.99

Variants: 2
  • Alan Davis Variant
  • Diablo Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

When we last left this adventure I had reservations as the cover preview showed pretty cartoony characters busting out of the cover  The same image as the cover shown above.  I was trying to remain hopeful but unfortunately my worst fears were realized.

CCI03032020_0001 (2)

We open this issue with Reed Richards being all annoyed that he can’t figure out what Ichor is and where it came from.  Meanwhile Dr. Strange is still floating around the dimension he was sucked into last issue.  He comes across Galactus looking for his herald.  Surfer, along with Scarlet Witch and Vision, arrive at Bleeker St where Wanda is able to conjure up an explosion that goes wrong!  Mephisto appears and takes the heroes captive!

Thor and Valkyrie arrive in Asgard but Heimdall is having none of that crap realizing that Thor just ain’t right.  Iron Man and Hulk have opened up a portal that lets in the generic Wacky Racers.  Daredevil, apparently feeling left out, arrives with an unconscious Spider-Man to where the FF currently are.  Just in time too as the portal that Iron Man opened has made all the worlds collide, bringing the Avengers and Defenders back together!

CCI03032020_0002 (2)

This is when we meet the generic Wacky Racers up close – Mighty Martian, Devil Dawg, Vampire Vixen and more I don’t care to remember.  The heroes and toons begin battling it out until Valkyrie notices Diablo hiding in the corner.  She confronts the man and slices the Ichor cards he’s holding.  The magic cards combine once again but all mixed up!  Making brand new heroes where Strange is a hippy burn-out, Cap has gamma rage issues, Hulk… is an angry robot of sorts?  I don’t know – didn’t we just have this whole Hero mix up crap in that Infinity Wars event that went horribly nowhere?  Either way this issue ends with these new heroes unable to shake the generic Wacky Racers and a new battle on the horizon.

CCI03032020_0003 (2)

This mini-series REALLY went off the rails.  Thank goodness it’s only one more issue because if it was more I don’t think I could, in good conscience, keep supporting crap like this…

  • Diablo
  • Mighty Martian
  • Devil Dawg
Grade: Bag and Board It

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