Funko Pocket Heroes (2019)

IMG_1879 (2)

When I saw this advent calendar at the store before Christmas I was intrigued as I wanted the Hulk figure inside.  I weighed my options and decided that $30 was just too much!  I decided to pass and left the package.  Well, as luck would have it, it seems as though many people had the same idea to pass on this product.

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The week after Christmas I entered the store and saw this advent calendar on the shelf, scanned it out of curiosity and saw that it was in fact just $10 now!  $10 seemed worth it to me so I brought it home and had my kids help me open this bad boy.  While I would grab the Hulk related figs the kiddos were able to snag the others.

I was left with the Hulk, She Hulk, Rocket and Groot!  Groot may not be immediately linked to the Hulk I just couldn’t break the pair up.  Especially since the Groot figure looked so exceptionally cool!  Overall, I was happy to snag these little guys for the Hulk collection!

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