Incredible Hulk #750!?

CCI03232020_0003 (2)

What makes me more confused than anything else is the way that Marvel handles the numbering of their series.  They want to benefit from the re-numbering, and the sales bump that comes with it, but they also want to keep up with DC’s original numbering when they have a celebratory milestone.

With Wonder Woman reaching the #750 Marvel felt a little left out and tried to think of which series they could inflate the numbers with and celebrate a phony milestone with.  It turns out, 11 years after they celebrated #600, they decided to release a Hulk #750.  This time they didn’t even bother trying to show everyone a collection of covers to try and excuse the celebration.

CCI03232020_0001 (2)

This is because the numbering really makes no sense at all!  If the Hulk reached #600 11 years ago and they released an issue a month that would be 132 issues.  I do know that since the Immortal Hulk became a huge seller they began releasing the series bi-monthly but with the Immortal Hulk hitting issue #33 the numbers just don’t add up!

CCI03232020_0004 (2)

Not to mention, they won’t be continuing the legacy numbering.  The next issue released will be #34.  This proves that this issue is, if nothing else, a weak attempt to celebrate a milestone issue.  Of course, they released 4 cover price variants, a 1:25 variant, a 1:100 variant, a 1:200 variant and even a 1:500 variant.  I chose not to go for the higher priced variants and stuck with just the variants up to 1:100.

CCI03232020_0005 (2)

Anyways, which ones did you pick up?

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