Dollar Bin Finds X

CCI03012020_0005 (2)

Very rarely do I actually find a Hulk appearance that I don’t find but here are 3 issues I did not have before.  The first, above, is the homage cover of New Avengers #42 with a Skrull Hulk.  The Hulk does not appear in the actual issue but the image on the cover is pretty bad ass.  Not to mention that the comic seems to be signed.  By who, I’m guessing Cheung.

CCI03012020_0006 (2)

Another  issue is a Marvel/Malibu crossover of Avengers vs Ultraforce.  Inside Loki reminisces about his first tangle with the supergroup, The Avengers, and we get a quick glimpse of the original line-up including the Hulk!

CCI03012020_0007 (2)

Lastly, is the Avengers Assemble: Season 2 #8 where all the Avengers seem to be a bit confused!  It’s a good thing these aren’t school pictures, their parents would be pissed!

CCI03122020_0004 (2)

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