Little Hulk Lunch Box (2019)

IMG_1890 (2)

This tiny Hulk lunch box is no bigger then a box of raisins.  The best thing, of course, is the fact that it is adorned with classic 70’s/80’s Hulk images.  There are really famous Hulk pics all over!  The front comes from the cover to the King Size Special #1 with Hulk holding his title on his back.

IMG_1891 (2)

The back cover looks like a classic illustration – and I should know where it’s from but I;m drawing a blank – who out there can help me identify where this is from?

IMG_1893 (2)

Even the sides of the box have some Byrne Hulk images!  These came from a bunch of blind packages – but the display piece was this guy you see in this post!  The manager of my LCS ripped open the display box to save this for me.  That’s what you call service!

IMG_1894 (2)

Funny thing is that it even comes with a little Thermos eraser!  It was so unexpected but I opened up the box and out rolled this solid cylinder very reminiscent of the thermoses that came with our classic metal lunch boxes from yesteryear!

IMG_1895 (2)

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