Hulk Toys that Didn’t Make it into the Collection – Part 3


Yes, there are some Hulk toys that I actually DON’T buy.  Above is the new Hulk Titan Series figure.  The reason it didn’t land in the Hulk room is because the figure was the same – just new box art.  I didn’t feel like having two of these unimpressive figures littering the collection when the only thing they changed was the box.


This next atrocity is a Hangree called the Incredible Dump.  These are actually pooping toys and I don’t think I really need to explain why I didn’t bother purchasing this particular piece.


I went to the Disney Store and saw the Marvel Select Avengers: End Game Hulk figure.  While I did pick up the Hulk with the Nanogauntlet I chose to leave this figure on the shelf as I truly did not like the way that the Hulk was presented in the movie.


Last but not least I found this glow in the dark putty – which is actually really cool – but didn’t think I needed to bring it home.



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