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Friday Review – Avengers of the Wasteland #2 (2020)

CCI03122020 (2)

Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist Jonas Scharf
Artist: Colorist Neeraj Menon
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.00 – $4.99

Variants: 1 Gary Brown Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

If you were hoping that the second issue of this series was going to focus on the origin of the new Captain America we met on the last page of the previous issue, boy do I have good news for you!  That and we see glimpses of Doom’s brutal behavior and a wider landscape of the wasteland’s society.

CCI03122020_0001 (2)

Turns out this new Cap was a member of Doom’s army.  Doom’s people found a stash of super soldier serum and injected his people with it.  Only two of his soldiers actually survived and were set out to do Doom’s will.  Only… Grant, the new Cap, had second thoughts and ran off to don the iconic moniker of the fallen hero.

Dwight, the new Ant Man, isn’t buying the whole story and has some reservations.  Dani, or girl-Thor, chastises the group saying everyone has to trust each other if this plan, to take Doom down, is going to work!  Too bad Dani didn’t keep her eyes on the road (woman drivers, am I right?) as a sextet of nasties knock their car off the road!  A small battle ensues where the new Cap beats the living hell out of the biggest member – practically killing him.

CCI03122020_0002 (2)

Back on the road they get a S.O.S. from the Avengers from Cedar City. It says they have been attacked by Doom-bots so the new team head to help out.  When they arrive they see the carnage of the battle with both Doombots and Avengers laid to waste.  When they find the source of the signal in a church tower they also notice their problems have worsened!  A group of vampire-type creatures have sensed the heroes and are ready to feast!

CCI03122020_0003 (2)

I am loving this series!  I feel like anyone who has enjoyed the Old Man Logan series should pick this up and read the hell out of it!

  • Doom
  • Vampires?
Grade: Bag and Board It

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