Friday Review – Marvel #1 (2020)

CCI03122020_0012 (2)

Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artist: Penciler/Inks Steve Rude
Artist: Colorist Steven Legge
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.49 – $11.99

Variants: 1 Alex Ross Cover
Publisher: Marvel Comics

CCI03122020_0013 (2)

The Boy and the Brute is a fun, quick story in the premier issue of Marvel #1.  A classic, silver- age feel is an appropriate way to tell this flashback story that features Rick Jones testing out Stark’s new Image Projector.  A machine that will show you someone’s thoughts as well making them a physical manifestation!  Rick Jones is tortured over his decision to stay with the Avengers and ditch the Hulk.

Apparently the Hulk isn’t all that keen on Rick’s decision either as he comes busting through the wall to collect his friend!  A battle ensues with everyone attacking the Hulk!  Giant Man grabs the Hulk and slams him into the Image Projector.  Amazingly this actually puts the projector helmet on the Hulk who imagines the Avengers as Hulk type monsters themselves!

CCI03122020_0014 (2)

Man, what a narcissist the Hulk is!  I never realized the Hulk thought so highly of himself!  Why in the hell is the Hulk thinking of everyone looking like him?  Either way, the Hulkvengers suddenly become real per the projector’s parameters.  Now, the Avengers have to fight the Hulkvengers (yup – that’s what they call them).

CCI03122020_0015 (2)

Everything is going nutso with Captain America fighting (and beating) the Hulk.  Rick Jones is trying to calm the situation down but no one listens until Jones yells at the Hulk himself.  He tells Hulk to get rid of the Hulkvengers -which he does using the helmet once again – and that he will go with him.  Once the Hulk calms down he reverts to Banner and Banner tells Rick to take care of himself and leaves.  Just like that.  This whole time the Hulk was coming for Rick only for Banner to come out and be al “Peace, playa, stay real!” and then rambles out the door.

  • Hulkvengers!
Grade: Bag and Board It

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