Friday Review – The Immortal Hulk #33 (2020)

CCI03232020_0001 (2)

Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Penciler
  • Joe Bennet
  • Nick Pitarra
Artist: Inker
  • Ruy Jose
  • Belardino Brabo
  • Mark Deering
  • Mark Morales
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.99 – $744.77

Total Covers: 9
  • Regular Cover
  • Hulk #1 Homage
  • Spider Woman Variant
  • Ron Lim Variant
  • Lubera Variant
  • 1:25 Steve Skroce Cover
  • 1:100 Simonson Cover
  • 1:200 Purple Cover
  • 1:500 Virgin Cover
Publisher: Marvel Comics

How are the gamma team going to fight against the forces of Roxxon when they have Xemnu able to implant new memories that make everyone love and trust the furry monster!  Even worse, it seems as though Bruce (or Bob, maybe Bobby? Is he okay with Bobby?) has been impacted as well!  In fact Bruce’s whole subconscious, with its influx of Hulk personalities, is in turmoil!  Many of the Hulks are wandering around confused and angry and others are completely trapped!  The Devil Hulk is chained up and beaten while human Joe Fixit is encased in amber.  Meanwhile, little Banner is watching T.V. being entranced by the memories Xemnu implanted.

CCI03262020 (2)

It’s up to the World Breaker to convince the Savage Hulk to release the rage and smash the T.V.  Looking through the damage the Hulk can see a light at the end of a tunnel.  Making his way to the light the Hulk once again comes ripping out of Bruce Banner’s physical being!  I say once again because this happened in Hulk’s history back in The Incredible Hulk #372.  I sort of wish Ewing just allowed for this moment to happen and not address the fact that it’s a nod to previous continuity thus rewarding the Hulk fanatics who know the  history of the Hulk.

CCI03262020_0001 (2)

Now that the real Hulk is released he immediately goes on the attack!  McGowan sends them to Roxxon headquarters where we see the products of Xemnu’s appetite.  Each person he has consumed has been altered to mindless, mouth-less fighting creatures.  Even Minotaur is horrified to realize that this is what has been happening to his staff!  Even worse, Minotaur realizes that when you do business with monsters you hire nightmares that you can’t control.  Xemnu, still hungry, consumes Minotaur.

CCI03262020_0002 (2)

Hulk makes his way through the wreckage ready to take Minotaur down when he comes face to face with what his enemy has become!  A skin-less, mouthless thing pleading for help with his eyes.  Shocked and taken aback by what he sees Xemnu takes the Hulk by surprise and tries to get into the mind of our jade hero!  Rick Jones tells Xemnu he’s making a mistake but the furry creature doesn’t listen until it’s too late!  He sees the World Breaker come raging out and the strongest version of the Hulk obliterates Xemnu with one punch!

CCI03262020_0003 (2)

Destroying Xemnu also severs the hold he had over people’s minds.  Savage Hulk seemed to black out and can’t remember how he beat Xemnu but Rick tells him not to worry, that he saved the day, as usual.  He sends Hulk away to help out the rest of the crew and we suddenly learn that Rick is not who he says he is.  He tells the Minotaur that he may have use for him so he won’t put him out of his misery and that he will handle the Hulk.  You see, Rick is just the shell with the mind of the Leader inside!

  • Minotaur
  • Roxxon
  • Xemnu (The Original Hulk )
  • Leader!
Grade: Bag and Board It

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