Marvel Select Nano-Gauntlet Hulk (2020)

IMG_1904 (2)

I do love the Marvel Select line.  Usually the Hulk figures are both large and heavy, making it feel as though they are worth the prices!  I really debated on whether or not to pick this particular figure up – but I went with it anyways.  I am not a fan of the Hulk in the quantum realm suit nor am I all that excited about the memories it brings up.

IMG_1907 (2)

I know some are still impressed with Endgame’s story but I just think the entire 10 year build up falls apart in the end.  What I will say about this figure is that it does look a lot like the Ruffalo Hulk from the movie.  The sculpt – for what it represents – is actually really well done.

IMG_1905 (2)

There is a Disney Store exclusive of this figure that is just the Hulk figure without the glove.  I decided to leave that figure on the shelf.  I just wish they made this figure with a different facial expression other than boredom.  Every figure – other than the smirking ML – has this oddly stoic look.  It sort of reflects the level of excitement of collectors who have purchased this.

IMG_1906 (2)

Grade: D

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