Friday Review – Avengers*Defenders: Tarot #4 (2020)

CCI03232020_0007 (2)

Writer: Alan Davis
Artist: Pencil/Inks Paul Renaud
Artist: Colors Stephane Paitream
Cover Price:

Secondary Market:


$3.85 – $12.99

Total Covers: 3
  • Regular Cover
  • Alan Davis Variant
  • Diablo Variant
Publisher: Marvel Comics

CCI03232020_0006 (2)

Okay, so the mixed up Avengers and Defenders are having a heck of a time trying to defeat these cartoon adversaries.  Even using their utmost strength the characters are still giving the heroes a run for their money!  CapHulk is trying to remind his teams that they don’t kill – even when the animated Monkey rips out his fur, turns it into a bunch of shadowy moneys and attacks him.  Yeah, that happened.  This makes CapHulk Hulk out and travel back in time to the first moment in this series when the invaders were fighting statues that came alive.

CCI03272020 (2)

Suddenly the heroes are attacked by words that fall on them.  You read that right, words.  The heroes are attacked by words.  If you haven’t guessed what is actually happening to the heroes you haven’t been paying attention.  Now the heroes appear in Wakanda and start fighting the supers who, up till this point, have been spared from being in this mini-series.  Then, another jump to a alternate dimension New York where the Nazis reign.  Cap gets so angry he un-Hulks out?  How does that even work?  Yet, here we are!  Diablo tells the mixed up heroes that their actions are causing the disruptions in the time zone and that’s when the entire multiverse comes out to fight them.

CCI03272020_0001 (2)

Right about now is when you should be asking yourself why you are still reading this.

Moving on, stoned Dr. Strange realizes that all the events, including the mixed-up Tarot cards, are being played with by children and they need to get the cards back from them.  This realization brings out the two-headed beast named the Nameless One.  So now, most of the heroes are all fighting the Nameless One – side note, doesn’t calling him the Nameless One make him have THAT as a name? – moving on, Hawk-Thor’s job is to get the Tarot Cards away from the kids.  His idea is to tout how much better his tablet is than crumby old cards.  Oddly, Hawk-Thor is convincing people in a paper media how much better the digital form is.

CCI03272020_0002 (2)

Anyways, Hawk-Thor convinces the kids to give up the cards while HulkCap protects the hero from a blast from ole’ Nameless himself.  Everyone tumbles from the current reality and back to their normal reality where everything is back to normal.

Good Lord, this mini-series started off with so much promise but became a disastrous mess from issue 2 to 3.  Can’t say I would ever recommend this little team up book to anyone, let alone feel the need to revisit such a silly story.

  • Diablo
  • Mighty Martian
  • Devil Dawg
  • Nameless One
  • Children?
  • Words?
Grade: Bag and Board It

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