These are the sketches and commisions and Hulk pages I have aquired.  Click on the image to see the story behind each piece.


Jeff Wamester

comic-com-08-pumpkins-014  hulkvthor1  hulk_and_the_baby_by_booom  leader-1  Alex and Sale 034

Herb Trimpe

trimpe-004 trimpe-009 Trimpe 002 Alex and Sale 042 CCF04232012_0007

Tim Sale

Rob Reilly

hulk-now-028 hulk-stuff-004 hulk-stuff-007 hulk-stuff-005 hulk-stuff-006 hulk-stuff-008 hulk-stuff-003 hulk-stuff-011 hulk-stuff-009 hulk-stuff-010 


Hector E Rodriguez

Roger Andrews

comic-com-08-pumpkins-016  hulk-now-027-copy

Robbi Rodriguez

hulk and Lex's house 001

Paul A. Hajj


Tom Cook


George Perez


Steven Sanchez


Antonio M. Matias


Ernie Chan


Tom Palmer

Tom Palmer 2

Mark Dos Santos


Greg Moutafis


Chris Giarrusso


Tristan Sandnes


Randy Queen

Sherry Leak


Brent Peebles

new stuff 036

Rich Woodall

bcc 123

David Golding

Mike NH 080

Tyler James


Chris Uminga


Matt Fletcher


Mark W. Slater


Ed McGuinness


Chris Stevens


Randy Kintz

Katie Cook

CCF04232012_0011  CCF04232012_0011 - Copy

Guy Dorian/Ted Rechlin


Matt Brundage

hulk-annual-011  hulk-annual-012

Hulk Jam Piece – Includes:
Sale, Capullo, Pham, Ottley, Vines, Lee, Uminga, Andrews

Published Pages

Ron Garney

Leonard Kirk

Joe Bennet

Rick Leonardi

Hulk Boo 012

Jan Duursema

Mike Deodato Jr.

Kyle Hotz

Stuart Immonen

Ed McGuinness

hulk-now-004  hulk-now-007  kids-expo-09-011

Sal Buscema

Aaron Lopresti

hulk-stuff-again-033 hulk-stuff-again-032

David Brewer

Mike NH 094

Darrick Robertson

Gary Frank

John Romita Jr.


9 thoughts on “ART

  1. Hi,
    Are you interested in me inking the Trimpe art for you( as a blue line print?) or possibly an entirely new commission?
    I inked the Hulk in 4 issues of his series and many other place.

    1. I’m actually talking to Mr. Trimpe himself about inking the piece. I love it so much too – can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m always interested in new commissions – especially from talented artists that I don’t have yet – can you send me your email so we could discuss the idea further? You can email me at:

  2. Really awesome! I would like to start grabbing some of Hulk and Batman, but I wouldn’t know where to start or even really what to call these if I was searching. Thanks for the help brother!

  3. Hey Ratchet,
    I’ve been looking at your site a lot lately and I’ve been loving it. I’m just wondering how you ask an artist for a commission

    1. Most artists have information and pricing on their websites and such – if you go to a convention and are looking for a certain artist there – it’s pretty straight forward – ask them straight up how much it would cost to draw whatever it is you are looking for. They will let you know what is up.

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