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TRU Thor: Ragnarok Display (2017)

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As much as I have a reservation about how the Hulk was portrayed in Thor: Ragnarok I look back fondly upon the movie.  I look forward to adding it to my library and watching it with my son and daughter.  Then explaining to them why the Hulk should of had an obedience disc and how portraying him as a ruthless killer is complete bullshit.  Oh man, family bonding at its absolute best!  That being said, when my local Toys R Us was getting ready for the Black Panther movie release they were letting the Thor: Ragnarok stuff go.  And by that I mean they were tossing it.  I was lucky enough to save this double sided banner that sat above their feature area.  I still love how this was a Thor movie that the Hulk took center stage and once again stole the show!

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Silver Surfer Thanos Figure (1997)

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I am gearing up for Infinity War just as I bet many of you are.  I picked this Thanos up many, many years ago and just found it again recently.  I think this was one of the earliest Thanos figures to be produced – besides the 1995 Fantastic Four figure.  The biggest rub was that I actually worked at Toys R Us when all these characters were released!

IMG_0729 (3)

I should have picked them up then!  Of course, my collection has changed and morphed so much over the years there is no guarantee that I would have kept him through out the years.  Either way, it’s far from the best – might actually be one of the worst – but still pretty awesome to have!

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Ummm… Part 55

ummm 3

I loved Mr. Bean when I was a kid… this would give me nightmares for years!

Hot Wheels Hulk (2017)

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I like the cars that offer an actual image of the character – even something from the comics – but really, anything would do!  I don’t exactly mind these cars because the color scheme still screams the Hulk but really, it also could be the color scheme of a number of characters including the Green Goblin, Donatello from TMNT, etc… That’s why I prefer to have a cool picture portrayed on the car itself.  Either way, thank you to my wife for picking this little guy up for me at Target the other day!

In Case You Missed It – Round 7

CCI03222018 (2)

CCI03222018_0001 (2)

Of course, Avengers: No Surrender is weekly right now so we didn’t have to wait long to see the Hulk take on the Red Hulk in some sort of Iron Man vest and gloves.  Sort of like an Iron Man stripper outfit.

CCI03222018_0002 (2)

The Hulk makes quick work of Red Hulk in iron vest and even has a “Wha…wha…whaaaaat?” moment as he absorbs the Red Hulk’s gamma power and drains him enough to trigger a transformation.  Hulk also gives Vision a facial.  I might not be using that term correctly… either way Hulk smashes the crap out of Vision’s head and power source.

CCI03222018_0003 (2)

CCI03222018_0004 (2)

As an added bonus, over in Thanos the Hulk has a quick cameo taking on the Fallen One – instead of attacking back the Surfer tries to help out his old friend.  As great as that moment was and as gruesome and graphic as issue #17 was it’s still hard to watch one of the greatest and most powerful characters in the MU being taken out by a cheap shot.

CCI03222018_0005 (2)

CCI03222018_0006 (2)

Eaglemoss Gladiator Hulk (2017)

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It’s hard to put these little guys into a category.  They are on the smaller side the detailed sculpts and the solid weight that accompany pieces such as this are outstanding!  The paint application could be a bit better – but honestly, these are beautiful tiny statues to own!  I like this series of figures because you not only get the detailed piece but it also get the added bonus of a booklet, or as they call it, a “Fact File”.

IMG_0938 (2)


The books delve deep into the characters history and show off some of the most memorable highlights.  For the Gladiator Hulk it isn’t so hard – or all that intricate – because really, he only appears in the Planet Hulk storyline.  This figure especially was worth the price due to exclusivity to the Hulk continuity.  This, by all measure of standards, was the last great Hulk storyline.

IMG_0941 (2)


Every detail that matters is on this character… save one.  One of the most important details tot eh whole story!  One of the most overlooked details!  The all important obedience disc!  How they could omit such a crucial detail is beyond me – the only real saving grace is the fact that the Hulk does loose the disc within the story – so it’s not a total travesty!  My only other complaint about it is that the paint job could of been a bit more precise.  Just a fraction more attention to detail and I would suggest every gammabro make sure to get this piece – as it is, while I like it, it isn’t a “must have”.

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IMG_0940 (2)

MiniMates Avengers: Infinity War Hulk (2018)

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I am looking forward to seeing this epic film – I feel comfortable already calling it an epic because I have all the faith in the world in it – I just wish I knew how much the Hulk would be in it.  The trailers don’t seem to offer any real clue but we do know he’s in it!  The Hulk should be used as a powerhouse against any and all foes but I know fitting 70 different characters might be a bit of a challenge.

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Mark Ruffalo is not an actor to shy away from age – which is why the Hulk seems to be greying on the sides.  I’m not really feeling it though – but I will, as I feel we should all do, is wait until seeing the movie to really judge.  I do love the packaging though – Thanos looks totally bad ass!  I found this at Walgreens a couple of weeks ago for $8.  While the movie version of Iron Spider is not a character I really care too much about I don’t mind him being paired with the Hulk here.

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