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Christmas is Over!


Did you guys get anything good?  Hope your day was as good as mine.  Apparently Hulk had some issues with what the big guy brought him this year.  Either that or Santa was a Skrull.  Yeah, let’s go with that…


Have a Hulky Christmas!


Hopefully you find something good and green (besides pine needles!) under your tree!

Target Exclusive Funko Hulk POP! w/ T-Shirt (2017)

IMG_0872 (2)

I am shocked that new pieces continue to be released from Thor: Ragnarok.  This time from Target we get another exclusive POP! but this time with a twist!  As far as I know this was only being released through online sales – meaning you had to order it off of the Target website – but that may not exactly be the case.  I haven’t heard from anyone seeing in store though…

IMG_0873 (2)

IMG_0874 (2)

That being said, this Pop! comes with a great Hulk (The Champion) vs Thor (The Lord of Thunder) T-Shirt.  For $25 the T-Shirt is accompanied by one of the cooler exclusive Pop! figures yet!  A re-colored (in metallic day-glo, no less) Gladiator Hulk!  The T-Shirt is also reminiscent to the original Marvel Collector Corps T-Shirt that featured a hero vs Ultron – one of 4 where you had to get lucky to get the Hulk.  Here, there is only one choice and it is perfect!  The shirt is still unopened and in a plastic bag so I didn’t bother posting it – but the image of what it looks like is on the backside of the box above.

IMG_0876 (2)

The POP! series of figures have been interesting this time around. While the Hulk has his share of exclusives none tickle my fancy more than this little guy!

IMG_0877 (2)

IMG_0879 (2)

I have an interesting theory though – one that hopefully everyone understands is pure fan fiction and not based off anything but assumptions.  When this arrived at my doorstep this week I honestly felt as though I was opening a Marvel Collector Corps light.  Usually the boxes contain shirts like the one in this exclusive – as well as a original POP!.  As you remember, the Thor: Ragnarok box was a little underwhelming as far as the amount of stuff – not to mention the very few Hulk items – included.  I just wonder if these items were meant for the MCC box but at the last minute Target put in a bid of some sort to snag this combo for themselves.  Honestly, it was the right choice!  Look at this bad boy!

IMG_0869 (2)

IMG_0878 (2)

I don’t know if my theory has any validity but it sounds pretty reasonable to me – and sort of makes sense on why the MCC box was such a departure from the norm!  Either way, Target has definitely killed it more than any other big box stores as far as exclusives go.  With this and the 10″ Hulk POP! Target clearly went all in with Hulk exclusives and won!

Plush Blind Box Hulk (2016)

IMG_0787 (2)

One of the reasons I love my LCS is because the manager will open a blind box up for displays.  His deal is you get one chance – if the display figure is not the one you want then you can open one up.  You then have a choice to either keep the one you opened or trade it for the display.  Even though you still take a risk there is at least a choice – which is better than most places even offer.

In the case of these little plushes the manager opened up this little blind box and gleefully emailed me that it was the Hulk.  I told him to hold it for me and he did.  It’s times like these having a man on the inside works out so nicely!

Avengers: Age of Ultron Hulk Soft (2016)


Found at TRU WAY after the movie had been released this Hulk soft is  great representation of the Hulk in plush form.  I guess we should count ourselves lucky – back in the day the only recourse you had to snuggle up to a soft Hulk was the Knickerbocker Hulk, which, let’s be honest… is ugly as all hell.  The thing may induce more nightmares than it would provide some snuggly security.  Then again, that frizz mop top that this Hulk supports can only be a hotbed of activity for any and every mold spore and germ that a child can throw at it!  Can you imagine how hard it would be to clean and tame that wild mane?


Some New Hulk Shirts


I wanted to post a few Hulk shirts I was able to procure these past few months.  The top pictured is from the Marvel Collector Corps Frist Avengers box.  While it’s exciting at first to get these boxes it certainly doe run its course and becomes a bit more tiresome.  I first decided to get the subscription service for the showdowns box that boasted that it will feature some of the best hero/villain match-ups of all time.  Imagine my major disappointment when the only Hulk related piece was a half green and half red Hulk pin – not sure if I featured mine on this site yet – but I will soon if I have not.  The real excitement from the First Avengers box came with this T-Shirt – and maybe it was a precursor to the upcoming exclusive Pop – of the Hulk #1 cover!

IMG_0843 (2)

The other Hulk shirt was a Gladiator Hulk charging toward you from the Thor: Ragnarok film.  Sold at TRU – or given away with a Funko/Marvel purchase – this T-Shirt was certainly a must have when I saw it.  I love the stylized take on the Gladiator Hulk!


Hulk Transformations Tsum Tsum – and a King Hulk! (2017)

IMG_0845 (2)

It’s a rarity that I walk into a store and see a Hulk related piece that I wasn’t at least somewhat aware of.  Well it happened 3 weeks ago when I stumbled across this Tsum Tsum pack!  That’s right – we get a full transformation Hulk from small, adorable Banner to the large and in charge Hulk!  The big Hulk Tsum Tsum is the same little figure we were delivered the first time the green Hulk came to a peg near us – and while it’s completely fine I wish they did give us a little change.  There are more Tsum Tsums related to the Hulk than I even care to remember – with this addition it brings us to this list:

  • Large Grey
  • Medium Grey
  • Small Grey
  • Large Green
  • Large “Smash” Green
  • Medium Green
  • Medium “Transformation” Green
  • Small Green
  • Small Banner

IMG_0849 (2)

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves!  What’s that with the large Hulk?  While combing through the other packages I snagged another little beauty!  That’s right folks – a King Hulk!

IMG_0847 (2)

Straight from the pages of World War Hulk we are handed a King Hulk Tsum Tsum to beat all the other oblong little puffy heroes with!  No one is stronger then little, puffy oblong Hulk!  No one!

I have heard there is a gold version out there  – and yes, I know there is a few Red Hulks and She Hulks out there – but the list was for the Banner Hulks released.

IMG_0848 (2)