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Bowen Design’s Retro Grey Hulk (2009)

Grey Hulk Statue!

Complete pic of the masterpiece!

Bowen really has gone all out with this latest crop of Hulk releases. This is certainly different enough from the Green Hulk piece to comment on – I mean, the earlier Hulk releases have just been re-paints – but here Randy has done something truly fantastic! Each sculpt has tweaks that make each statue being released different!  For instance – with this statue you can see that Randy had flattened the head – added a yellow shirt and gave the Hulk an awe-inspiring desert scene base that totally rocks!

One Foot!

Holy Crap! Look out for the cactus!

Sure, the basic sculpt is the same – but this is a classic statue that will surely rock!  And there is no paint flaws like the Green Hulk statue seemed to have.  I have had this bad boy for a while now – set up with the Green Hulk – and I can’t believe how awesome it looks.  Every time I see it I think to myself how amazing accurate it is to the original incarnation to the Hulk.  The Hulk has changed so much over the years – but the original was something that no one has successfully captured – until now!

"...and your back! It's worse than your front!"

I have to admit I was skeptical at first when BD announced the release of multiple Hulk statues – but now, I couldn’t be happier he did!  I have Maestro on the way – and Planet Hulk will eventually get shipped – but all in all – thank you Mr. Bowen for the new crop of Hulks!  I should just enjoy these – but I can’t help but hunger for a Fixit, a Merged Hulk, and maybe some others!  Like, The End: Hulk and War Hulk – or even a WWH!  I need to save up for the next crop of Hulks already!  Not that they are definitely happening – but I have faith!

Green and Grey - Side by Side!

Marvel Comics Presents #26 (1989) – The Review

Marvel Comics Presents #26

Fixit is on the job!

Another Fixit story by Purves and David.  This little tale follows Fixit as he arrives to collect some money from a guy who owns a Sea World type amusement park called Maritime or something… anyways, the guy doesn’t have the money for Fixit so he offers up the park.  The Hulk asks why he’d want the fish factory and the guy shows Hulk the Whale show.  Suddenly the whale begins to get out of control – coincidentally this is part of the show that Fixit likes  – but when the rogue whale starts to head for the crowd the Hulk springs into action and beats the whale up and sends it back into the sea.  There the Hulk encounters some fish people who had been controlling the whale – I think… it’s been a while since I read it – but hey, I remember it as being one of the best little Fixit stories in the MCP series.  Grade: B+

Who knew Fixit was a Sea World fan?

Hulk - taking care of business!

Hulk Stamp Postcards (2007)

Hulk Mask 009

Hulk Stamp Postcard

I love the images chosen for the 2007 Super Hero stamps… and it was pretty amazing luck when I happened into the post office 2 years ago to see the stamps – I didn’t even know they were releasing them! I just happen to be in the post office that day – and there they were!  Well, this is almost the same thing – I walked into Outer Limits – and that guy has some really cool items – but man, his prices are hard to swallow at times – but I did see these postcards in the spinner and picked them up.  Pretty short and story I know – but what do you want – I just finished with work and I’m tired!

Hulk Mask 008

Hulk Stamp Postcard #2

It Was The Thing’s Idea!

The storyline begins in issue #533 - #535  Worth the pick-up!

The storyline begins in issue #533 - #535 Worth the pick-up!

Imagine my surprise this week, when reading The Life Fantastic TPB, when I came across a juicy little nugget of Hulk geekdom!  So, If you don’t know what the story is about here it is in a nutshell.  The Hulk (who is green when the story begins) is used to find out what kind of shenanigans Hydra is up to – but when he goes deep into a cave he finds a Gamma Bomb.  And then it explodes – leaving the Hulk a savage, grey incarnation who is reliving the Hulks life – each painful moment to the next the Hulk smashes his way through each hallucination.  The Thing and Johnny are sent to take the Hulk down.  The Thing realizes that the Hulk isn’t himself and that some thing’s wrong.

Ultimately, the Hulk is about to land the killing blow to the Thing, Johnny goes nova.  This doesn’t take the Hulk down – but it snaps him out of it.  As the story ends Grimm says that he talked to Reed – and look what he says:

Hulk Mask 016

The whole idea came from the Thing!  Wow!  This was released at the same time as Prelude to Planet Hulk – how great is that?

Fixit Head Sketch (2009)

Fixit - A Badass Joe!

Fixit - A Badass Joe!

It’s my boy Wamester again!  I purchased his sketch book and in the back he does a quick personalized head sketch for you – and I chose Fixit.  Seeing what he can do with just the head I am totally into seeing what he can do with an entire full body sketch!  If he’s at the Boston Comic Con I will certainly be asking for one!  Has anyone asked this guy for something yet?  Has anyone contacted him about a sketch?  And if not – why?  You need to contact this guy before he becomes so wildly famous that his prices are outrageous! 🙂

Jeff Wamester Sketch Book

Jeff Wamester Sketch Book

Ultimate Hulk / Iron Man Mini Mates (2009)

Ultimate Human 2-pack

Ultimate Human 2-pack

Ultimate Human was a recent mini-series that was probably one of the most enjoyable Hulk stories for a while.  The Ultimate Hulk is a controversial character at best – some love him, others think it’s a little too much – having him eat human flesh and all – but I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone that didn’t totally like this storyline.  These mini mates are pretty great – and the face on the Hulk!  Did someone just kick him in the nuts?  Did he just smell something disgusting?  Why does he look like that?  Is that supposed to be rage?  Yikes!

Hulk - with a face only a mother can love...

Hulk - with a face only a mother can love...

Anyways, I didn’t know this was coming out – and I was surprised when I found it – so just to let you know – it’s out now, make sure you check around and get it!

Wacky Wobblers Grey Hulk (2009)

Wacky Wobblers Grey Hulk

Wacky Wobblers Grey Hulk

This is late – and the next couple posts I was planning may not happen – because my sweet little girl is being a pain in the ass tonight… did that come off as crass?  Sorry – just a little frustrated.  But here is the first thing I was planning on posting – it is a Grey Hulk Bobble Head by Funko – I found it a couple of weeks ago in a Newbury Comics at the same time I picked up the shot glass.  It was a good day that day.

Top of the Box

Top of the Box

Also, I just picked up a whole slew of Hulk action figures off ebay – they should be here soon – just wait till you see the pieces I was able find in this lot!  I’m off to New York tomorrow – so this may be it until Tuesday (Did you really think I was going to be posting on Labor day?  Heck no!  I’ll be having me some BBQ chicken!)  Enjoy and have a great long weekend!  See you next week!