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Acquisition Monday!

hulks2 015

This is one of those items – a perfect example – of a good idea with the wrong price point.  We should discuss the history of these pieces before getting into how I finally ended up getting one of these.  The beginning of these run of statues starts in the 1940’s when Pillsbury Mills offered up 12 statues (usually called Syrocos) for $.25 and some proof that you were eating their cereals.  They stopped making these little figurines in the 50’s  – as you know the Hulk was created in 1962 – so there was no chance for them to create the Hulk.

hulks2 014

Fast forward half a century and Yoe! Productions have created new pieces for Dark Horse based on comic properties to look much in the vain of the original pieces.  While this is a brilliant turn it also has made it also made an interesting problem for Dark Horse.  The retail on these beautiful, unique yet intentionally rough sculpted figures are no match for today’s amazing pieces.  Dark Horse presented these figures in these fantastic color tins complete with a small brochure and a classic pin.

hulks2 016

The issue comes up with the prices on these.  This Dark Horse Classic Marvel Character #2 Grey Hulk (679/1000 – 2011, $49.99)  retails these pieces for $50.  That is still a lot of money to some people and most collectors – seeking the most bang for their buck – thought these were too crudely sculpted, painted and too small to purchase for that price.  Especially with 1000 made.  Personally, I liked the way these looked – but I was also in the camp where I thought they were asking WAY too much.

hulks2 018

If you do a quick search on eBay you will see that most of the older Syroco figures go for about $50 – so that may be where Dark Horse came up with that number.  Now, do another quick search on eBay for completed sales on this figure and you will see that most go in the $25-$35 range.  I had said to myself when I first saw them that $30 was a more reasonable price – that I would easily have picked this up for that amount of money – although $20 and I might have bought 2!

hulks2 019

So, how did I end up finally grabbing one of these?  Easy, patience.  A local LCS had quite a few of these and unloaded a bit of them early on – but then most of them just sat… and sat.  I waited – even past most eBay sales because when you factor in shipping you are paying close to $40-$50 anyways – until the LCS finally lowered the price.  Then I haggled even more.  I was able to walk out of the store with this piece for a very discounted price.  I agree on all counts on why most collectors have shied away from buying this – like I mentioned before – the sculpt and paint – but those are the reasons I also like this one.  I am aware of the SDCC green version of this – which I may end up picking up down the road – but overall, this is a nice addition to the collection.


Hulk Bonkazonks (2012)

I am the Green Hulk – No! I AM the Green Hulk!

Here are a few little gems that are out there right now – my nephew LOVES these things – and yes, he gave me all his doubles of the Hulks.  I have no idea of there are more than just these 4 – I haven’t taken a closer look – if anyone else knows just leave a comment below!  But as far as I know there are 2 green Hulks, a Red Hulk and a Grey.

Red continues to be shoved down our throats…

Now go out and snag these guys!  I am not really sure if you can grab them all in one package – or if they make you get multiple packages to get all three.  Maybe you should just get a generous nephew, like mine!

Head Stand

Green and Grey Hulk Puzzle Erasers (2012)

Green Hulk Puzzle Eraser! Comes in 4 pieces!

I was NOT going to go through package after package of these puzzle erasers to get the Hulks.  I just wasn’t.  I mean, if they were just a dollar or if I wanted to collect a bunch of them – that’s one thing – but I just wanted the Hulks.  And not even all of them!  There’s a Red Hulk eraser too – but I don’t really care about getting that one.

Now, as you noticed I was on a small hiatus – that’s because I am feverishly trying to gather funds for the Boston Comic Con at the end of the month!  Trimpe will be back and I can’t wait!  Last year I had no real money to spend – and that’s okay – but this year I have a little put away – and it’s seems to get bigger and bigger everyday!  So I am hoping to have a blast!  Is anyone else going?

Grey Hulk Eraser - The Hair, the body, the pants and the feet are all different pieces.

Hulk Heroclix Sets (2012)

Fast Forces Hulk Heroclix

These sets just came out – and as you know I am NOT into Heroclix – but damn, if these sets aren’t just like crack for Hulk lovers!  I only bought the large 6 pack and then a long box that comes with 5 – but even with those two purchases I now have most of the Hulk universe!  With the 6-pack you receive not only the Hulk – but Thunderbolt Ross, Betty, the Abomination, the Leader and a Hulk buster.  Here’s a shot of the Hulk:

Hulk Heroclix

And with Banner:

Two sides of a coin!

In the other 5-pack I was lucky enough to snag a Rick Jones, Grey Hulk, Punisher (waitaminute!  WHAT?), Lyra and a Bruce Banner!  So I was pretty happy.  Now I can act out all those romantic scenes from the movies – and even create a few of my own from the “uncut” version of the film that’s in my head.  I mean – WHAT?  Who does that?

Rick Jones and Fixit!

Anyways, I have seen that the sets also include some characters from Planet Hulk – which is cool – some AIM soldiers (bleh) – some Hulked Out Heroes (BLEH!) but I’ve also seen a whole set of Hulks – like House of M Hulk, Cosmic Hulk, Red, War Hulk and more!  While I most likely will not be picking any of these others up – it’s certainly cool that these were made!

Closer shot of the 6 pack.

BD’s Smackdown Hulk (Grey Version)(2007)

Bowen Grey "Smashing" Hulk

A Face of RAGE, Baby!

I wasn’t as interested in picking this one up as I was the green version – I mean, the green is just too beautiful!  They grey is nice too, it’s just that, this sculpt is absolutely perfect in green!  It practically has popped right out of the pages of the comics!  This isn’t to say the grey is not worth getting…

If the Hulk were real and you're looking at this face... it's already too late

The Foot!

In fact, I love this sculpt so much, I would even get it in red!  I know, crazy, right?  But this is Bowen’s best Hulk statue – even better than any of the Hulk’s released in 2010!  I like those Hulks, the sculpt is great, but the smackdown Hulk is just the Hulk to a tee!  Now the grey variant was limited to only 500 – making it Bowen’s rarest Hulk statue – besides the faux bronze (350) and the real bronze(100).

Uh-Oh - Stark's in Trouble!

You don't have a chance Stark!

The only Bowen Hulk statues I am missing are the ones mentioned above and the green version of the 2003 statue.  I’ve seen that one go for pretty cheap on ebay and will eventually get it – but for now I have a very special Hulk purchase to make.  One that I know Sean is snatching up as well.  I am sure JG and even Steve are picking it up as well.  When I finally post it you will see what I am talking about – it’s gorgeous!

"And your back! It's worse then your front!"

Anyways – back to this statue – I picked this one up from another poster on Statue Marvels.  If you haven’t checked out that forum, you should!  It’s a great place to see all the upcoming Bowen sculpts as well as interact with Bowen himself!

The Incredible Hulk #333 (1987) – The Review

One of my favorite covers ever - #333

One of the most surprising issues I have ever read.  I first saw this issue back in 1991 – the mall near me had a small kiosk that sold baseball cards, comics and, oddly enough, sunglasses.  They had about 40 comics in a few 3-ring binders for easy browsing – but this is the issue I always stopped at.  Before my love affair with the Hulk even started I wanted this comic – because the Hulk I knew and the Hulk on this cover were 2 sides of the spectrum.  They couldn’t be further from different if they tried.  I was intrigued, but at the same time, I was unwilling to spend the $15 the man was asking for to own and read it.  A few months later, I was given #343 and that turned out to be my FIRST Hulk comic.  By the time I was willing to pay for #333 the kiosk was gone.  I did pick it up later… years later – and it has been one of my favorite issues ever since.

"This is my gun - there are many like it - but this one's is mine!"

The issue opens with a beaten woman on the floor and dreaming of shooting her husband until her husband knocks her silly.  The Hulk, newly transformed back into the Grey Hulk, is with Rick Jones, who has just been cured of being the Mullet Hulk.  Wile Rick is ready to thank Banner – the Grey Hulk just wants to be left alone.  He knows that the sunrise is coming – and with that – Banner.  He jumps far away and finds a small town – or more importantly, a liquor store.  The Hulk gets stinkin’ drunk!

The Hulk getting acquainted with Johnny

The sun comes up leaving a very intoxicated Banner to explain – or more accurately, slur what happened and who he is.  But he blacks out and the police, including the Sheriff – who happens to be the same abusive husband from the beginning of the issue – take Banner to jail.

His predicament is explained...

Rick arrives at Gammabase only to taken in – and Betty is there getting love notes from her Ex-Husband.  We rejoin the abused wife who is recalling how she fell for her husband.  What a great guy he was when they were young and in love.  But now all she wants to do is leave.

Banner is in jail recalling everything Sterns said to him – how the Hulk doesn’t just appear at night because of the moon – but because of the sun.  He tries to warn the cops – but the Sheriff decides to push his luck and abuse Banner instead.  With the sun fully set, the Hulk comes barging out of the cell and makes quick work out of the Sheriff, throwing him out of a window.  Not one to back down he continues to try and show what a big man he is – only to be more and more embarrassed by the Hulk.

Two hits - me hitting you and you hitting the floor!

Even the towns people cheer the Hulk on – calling the Sheriff a bully – saying he’s getting what he deserves!  Only Blaire, the Sheriff’s wife comes to his aid.  Only he isn’t happy about having to be saved by his wife, in front of HIS town.  He screams at his wife, and tries to grab the gun she is holding out of her hands – only, the gun goes off – and kills the Sheriff.

Blaire says she didn’t mean to… and the Hulk responds with “Ha!  Sure you didn’t!”  And with that he takes off.  The issue closes with Betty meeting up with Ramon, her Ex.  She wants to feel wanted, special, loved – and she thinks Ramon can give that to her.

Reprinted in the Hulk Megazine!

An amazing self contained issue that’s part of a bigger picture –  showing how ruthless the Grey Hulk can be.  His hate for Banner having him make worse and worse choices – getting him into bigger trouble than he needed to be.  Almost like the classic 70’s television show.  Grade: A+

Green Hulk Bobble Head (2009)

Green Hulk Bobble Head

I knew it was out there!  Ever since I found the grey – I knew the green one was out there – just avoiding me!  But I did snag it, off of Amazon.  I broke down and bought it off the net – I hate doing it, for some reason, but sometimes it’s your only real option left!  I have already discussed my… blah-ness feelings about bobble head dolls – but these are a bit different.  I really like the sculpt – the retro feel to it – the really great packaging!  Big Thumbs up!

The Two Bobble Heads